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God & Our Country

Positive Views - Positive News

God & Our Country is a virtual space where anyone can seek out Christian and USA resources, delve into our recently posted messages, and share thoughts, seek opinions and advice.

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Need a Guest Speaker?
We provide positive Thought Provoking Bible-Based Services

Most Popular Topics:

Where is God? 

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

How Do We End Racism?

What The Schools Don't Teach!

What Does the Constitution Say?  

We choose to provide your church or company with positive, honest, yet challenging and motivational view points, that will test your heart and mind, and challenge todays cultural norms, standards, and beliefs. We donate our time to do this voluntarily to honor God and share the Good News with everyone.

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Meetings & Conferences

We bring our upbeat and refreshing message to any church or business venture; VIRTUALLY. By using today's technology, we support your planned sessions or events with a diverse list of topics, at virtually no cost to you.

Select from the topics listed above or choose any topic of your liking.

Discussion & Lecture Series

Endorsed by three major companies and conference coordinators, our speaker can provide interesting view points on todays challenges with a Bible-based and US Constitutional-based focus. We welcome the opportunity to speak to your church or business, at virtually no cost to you.

Because we donate our time and services to spread the Good News, we charge no speaker fees and only ask that you reimburse the cost of travel and lodging.

Professional Messages

We publish daily prayers and Bible versus, and we post personal and professional messages twice each week, varying from our very popular "Letter" series where we write letters to key figures in history, as well as positive views on The Bible, Jesus, Life, Movies, Music, and Current Events. We would be happy to focus on custom messages to your church or business on any topic of your choosing.

Check Out Our Current and Past Messages

This is a Politics & Religion FREE ZONE

We promote positive and encouraging topics and discussions - free from Political and Religious biases.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.

                                                                                                                                                                         Psalm 33:12

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Welcome to your Christianity & Country messages. Our business is about the love of God and our Country, in it's purest and intended form. 

We provide a place where one can go to honor Jesus and our Country, without the biases created by prejudice political and religious views.

Join our community and start reading what other users are sharing, or start your own discussion today. 

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46:10 Ministries
Kent Sharp
Greenwood, Indiana

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