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About God and Our Country

The Full Story

God and Our Country is our platform to share our Daily Prayer and other Positive Messages and Blogs - by the community, for the community. Our God & Country site brings together news, views, and essential information, all written by passionate and knowledgeable community members. Please don’t hesitate to start a new topic or contribute to an ongoing discussion. Browse our posts below and join the conversation today.

We welcome positive, open, and honest conversation. We welcome challenges and dissenting views as long as they are expressed in a positive and respectful manner. 

About our Religion and Politics free zone message. Both Religion and Politics are generally defined as one person or group taking a slanted, opinionated, or desired position towards the written words of the Bible or the US Constitution. Believing and living the pure meaning of these guiding principles, is not religious or political. It's when you add one particular "ideal" to the Bible and/or Constitution that creates a Religious or Political view point. Jesus never once expressed a view that denoted any religion nor did the US founding fathers express a desire for our country to align with a political view. Therefore it is our express desire to speak only to the truths of these documents and not to take a political or religious view point.


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