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A Letter to God

Our Heavenly Father – We are in the midst of Lent and about to begin Holy week, and while our world is greatly troubled and lost, I feel compelled to send you this letter. You are such a wonderful loving God, it amazes me how, or better yet, why, so many people turn away from you??? It must be that they either have never truly known you or they have let the world remove you from their minds, and most importantly, their hearts. You continue to show every day, how much you love us, and we are so very fortunate to have a loving God, but for whatever reason, many continue to turn their backs to you???

God, we only have to look at the very first things you did to truly understand your love, beauty, and incredible grace. Mankind and science continue to extoll their own virtues and ignore yours. But no matter how hard they both try, there is no mistaking that the one and only constant is You – You have always been true and faithful, and no matter how much man and science believe they know, the more we learn, the more we come to realize, that they truly do not know, as only you are all-knowing. Only you are the true creator of all we have.

The very first thing You did, that ever existed, was You created the heavens and the Earth. This alone is incredible and there are not enough words to describe the beauty of the heavens and the earth itself. We always marvel at the unmistakable beauty of the heavens, the stars, the galaxies, the other planets, the comets, and the pure magnificence of it all. Then the Earth – there cannot be a more beautiful place for us to grow up and live out our lives. Every moment of every day I marvel at our earth. It’s no wonder some of the most sought after, most viewed, and most famous pictures from space are those of our planet, Earth. We see quite clearly, when we choose to open our eyes, that the very first things you created are spectacular – thank you God!!!

You created light, which shows us these beauty’s and helps us to clearly see all that is good and incredibly beautiful-Your creations. You gave us both day and night to help us manage time and our lives and to again show off the many diverse beauties each time of day has to provide. You gave us sunsets and sunrises, meteor showers, an occasional comet passing by, the beautiful stages of the moon, the incredible rainbows, the awe-inspiring powerful thunderstorms, the tranquil rain, and the beautiful snow fall.

You separated the land from the sea which provided us even more incredible views and features of this awesome world. The beautiful white, and on some island locations, black, beaches, the gorgeous coastlines, the incredible cliffs, the rolling hills, the mountains, many incredible land features, the many luscious islands and coral reefs.

You gave us plants and vegetation to not only feed us but also to surround us with even more incredible things of beauty and value. The rose, the tulip, a magnolia tree full bloom, the beautiful flowered vines, the incredibly tall and wide trees, all the incredible vegetables and fruits, the rainforest, the single plant which struggles to push through in the dessert or on top of a rocky mountain, even the lavender and mosses upon the ground.

You gave us the animals to marvel at, study, and to bring even more amazement to our lives. Just picture the tiger, the loon, a cardinal, an eagle, your favorite dog or pet, the leopard, horses, deer, a moose, the mighty elk, the polar bear, a dolphin, many of the game fish, I could go on and on about the both incredible and beautiful animals You created – Thank you so much for the hours of enjoyment and pleasure we get for seeing, studying, and marveling at such magnificent creations!!!

Along with the vegetation and animals, You made sure both could be fruitful and multiply which gave us these incredible blessings for all times to come and created the all-essential circle of life. When all these incredible wonders were in place, then You created man. Not only did you create us to enjoy and prosper in this world You created, but You created us in Your very own image – How loving and caring a God you truly are. Not only did You create the perfect world for us, but You made us all perfect, just like you – Now that is true love.

However, as You know, we did not choose to enjoy these rewards very long as we allowed the serpent (Satan) to draw us away from You, and unfortunately today it seems that Satan has never been stronger at pulling Your people away. But we all know you are good and you are kind and most importantly you are all loving. One only needs to truly open their eyes to see all the wonderful acts and other miraculous things that occur to see your hand and your love.

As Satan continues to attempt in vain to undue your world and love, many of us continued to turn away from You. It was only 400-500 years after we allowed Satan into our world in the garden, that You had enough of our disobedience and recruited Noah to save Your people when You sent the flood to destroy the evil of mankind which had been spawned by Satan. You loved us so much that You had to give us a second chance to start over. How painful that must have been to you, to feel you had to take such drastic measures as a flood – I am so very sorry you had to endure that pain – it most certainly was not deserved.

However, just about 1000 years later, your people were in bondage and being crushed as slaves when you recruited Moses to lead us away from the oppressors and save mankind again. Only a loving God would do so much!!! Once You had freed these people, you summoned Moses to the mountain to give him Your rules to live by. But while You were speaking to Moses, the people you had just saved, were already turning away from you and beginning to rebel. This makes three times you gave us the ultimate guidance and three times we turned away. Oh, how that must have broken your heart.

Over the following years there was more of the same. Your people wondering lost because they would not heed your Word, and Satan having more and more an influence on Your people. So finally, you made the ultimate decision to save us – the ultimate sacrifice.

Approximately 1500 years after Moses led Your people out of captivity, and roughly 2500 years after you saved us with the flood, You sent Your Son to earth as a baby boy, fully human, to set the path for Your ultimate gift to us. Jesus, your Son, endured many challenges from mankind and from Satan himself, and He concurred them all. He took the most unworthy group of men, just like all of us, and taught them to be great leaders, even though their humanness often got in the way. But Jesus was unphased by these challenges and persevered to complete your mission.

How incredibly painful that must have been for You, heavenly Father. To see what the world was doing to Your Son and how they treated him. All You had ever done was love us and provide for us, yet this is how we treated Your Son, and by default this is how we treated…and thanked…You – How Shameful!!!

But Your mission was, and remains today, pure love and grace. So, You and Jesus stayed the course and You would see Your Son, arrested, abused, spit on, beaten, whipped with the cat of nine tails, to near death. I know you know this but, He would go on to be falsely tried and accused, in an illegal trial in the middle of the night, and then finally they would drive nails through his wrists and feet as they nailed him to a tree, on top of a hill for all to see. Even then he was mocked and abused, until finally he took his final breath and died. Even though you knew the full picture of how Your plan would unfold, this must have been excruciating to go through, to see all of this happening to your only Son. I can’t possibly fathom going through this and watching these things happen to my only son.

But thank God…God (it seems odd to say it this way), but You knew Your love, Your, grace, and Your plan. And after allowing the world and Satan to rejoice in their seeming victory, You completed Your mission to show Satan and all of mankind that You alone are God and You would have the final victory, when You raised Jesus from the Dead and ultimately save us all from our sins!!!

So, God, in closing, over and over again we humans do not seem to get the obvious message of your love. You have extolled your grace to us countless times and for whatever reason many of us don’t get the message. The world wishes to assign a label to every person and to every affliction, yet You remind us time and time again that all people are greatly diverse, yet totally equal…and LOVED…in Your eyes and by You. Every affliction that exists, in many cases man-made, has a solution in Your word. Your Book, Your Love, Your peace, and Your grace, give all of us everything we need, if we just open our eyes to see, our minds to understand, and our hearts to thank, forgive, and to love. I have fallen short many times, as we all have, but I will never forget Your love and grace and I hope those of us who understand, revere, and truly worship you, will continue to spread Your word, and love, to the rest of the world who truly, and desperately, need to better know You.

Thank you, dear God, for your incredible love, mercy, and grace. You surround me with incredibly beauties, magnificent animals, gorgeous vegetation, and wonderful people – please continue to give me the strength to embrace and love all of these creations of Yours, as much as you love me, and all of us!!!

With Greatest Reverence, Your Loving Child,


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