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A Letter to Moses

Dear Moses,

I am writing you to tell you what we in the 21st century have learned about you. I know 21st century…you likely can’t even fathom what that means nor the history that has unfolded since your life some 3,300 years ago.

Moses, you are considered one of the greatest leaders of God, even though I’m sure you don’t see it or understand this. It is absolutely incredible the path you took to become this leader, that we today so revere. So unbelievable, that you had to have had the hand of God upon you through the entire journey of your life, even though you likely did not know it until he first spoke to you through the burning bush on Mount Sinai.

As we look into your early life, God’s hand was clearly upon you, as you were cast adrift in the Nile. As you know, but many today do not, Pharaoh had ordered that all newborn male Hebrew children be cast into the Nile to drown. Your parents, Amram and Yochebed took you and placed you in a waterproof basket which they hid in the tall grasses of the Nile. Your sister Miriam hid and watched over you from a distance. A group of women and their servants just happened to be bathing nearby. One of those women, Pharaoh's daughter, hearing you cry, found and rescued you and she named you "Moses," meaning "drawn from the water." Pharaoh’s daughter felt that her desire for a son had been fulfilled, so she made certain that you had the best of everything, including education. I believe, little did she know, that this was all of God’s plan for you, so in essence you were doubly blessed, ultimately by God, but also secondarily by the ruler of that day Pharaoh, a fact I’m sure escaped you at the time.

What we understand Moses, is that you grew up with all the advantages, support, and benefits of the family of Pharaoh, yet you were allowed to keep your true Hebraic roots, which actually amazes me knowing how independent and somewhat ruthless Pharaoh is believed to have been. Yet you also were allowed to keep and declare your compassion for your people and even Pharaoh himself seemed to appreciate and support your dedicated views. This is why Moses, I feel God must have had his hand upon your every step, because none of this fits the historical accounts of what Pharaoh did nor would have accepted and supported in his time. Somehow Pharoah must have seen and felt something special in you, and this would have been foreign to him and thus I feel it must have been from God.

We have been taught that you once witnessed the brutal treatment of a Hebrew slave and in doing so. you became so incensed that you killed the Egyptian master, responsible for this cruelty. This must have been one of the worst moments of your life. How did you allow yourself to get so angry and then ultimately kill this abuser? I’m sure you knew you were wrong which is why you fled into the dessert, but certainly the abuser was wrong as well, but you had to have known that killing a master for treating a slave badly, would not be tolerated.

When you escaped into the dessert, did you see this as a test, or did you just feel lost and afraid? I’m sure your entire life passed you buy as you considered what had transpired and what was to come. Did you feel a “presence” with you as you wondered helplessly? What was on your heart and mind – I can only imagine? I don’t know if you would agree, but I think these moments - this very time in your life, was God’s final test or message for you. For years he had prepared you for what was to come. You had snapped, lost your mind, and done the unthinkable, but little did you know, that God had more in store for you.

I know you know this, but it is written that one day, while tending to the sheep on the side of the mountain, you noticed a strangely burning bush, yet it did not turn to ashes. It was at this time that God first spoke to you and told you he wanted you to lead his people out of bondage in Egypt. Moses, I have so many questions; What was it like to speak to God himself? What did you feel like in his presence? Did you realize the enormity of what God had chosen you to do – lead his people out of Egypt? I know you did not feel worthy or even up to the task, but certainly God knew that you could accomplish this. Did you understand or realize the remarkable power God would display, through the staff you used, and that God himself had transformed from your very hands, when he first spoke to you? What did it feel like going to Pharaoh to demand the slaves be released, knowing this was the very family that raised and educated you?

Sorry Moses, but the many incredible events you were a part of and that you led by Gods commands are so awe-inspiring and momentous that I just have to ask about these things.

So, you bartered, persuaded, and cajoled Pharaoh, with your brother Aaron’s strong conveyance of the word of God. Finally, because of all your demands and the nine terrible plagues that God had sent upon Egypt, through the staff that God had blessed, Pharaoh finally agreed to let the people go. With God’s blessings, you had finally accomplished the task of leading your people out of Pharaoh’s grasp, but did you know this was not yet a done deal? Or did you think your work had come to an end?

Moses, you must have been an incredibly flexible, patient, and understanding man…or did you just put all of your faith in God, without possessing any of these character traits. It would be very interesting to have known you. We all know God can do all things but I am curious how much of your personality was part of the things you did, or did you, as they say: “Let Go and Let God??? I’m guessing it was more of the latter as you seem to have been a man of similar faith to Abraham; what incredible faith – we all need to be blessed with the faith you had and that of Abraham!!!

Moses, you were leading your people out of Egypt and you come to the Red Sea. You and your people are trapped and the people are now beginning to revolt. Did you listen to the cries and complaints or did you know all along that God was going to make a way? Did you know that the staff you carried, and that God had transformed, would carry the infinite power of God and not only part the sea but dry the land for all of you to cross? What an incredible feeling this must have been. Even though you had spoken to God and been in his presence, to have seen and experienced such incredible power, that seemingly only you understood, must have been so very breathtaking.

Even after all of this, which is more than most people experience in an entire lifetime, you lead them to set up camp at the foot of Mount Sinai. God called you up to the mountain, where he carved the ten commandments into stone for all us to live by. You certainly knew this was God’s word, but how incredible it must have been to experience this, and then to ultimately bring these commandments back to God’s people. Did you have any idea at that time that these commandments would become the legal foundation and principles for virtually every proceeding nation on Earth? During all this time, and through all these challenges of travelling through the wilderness, every time the people cried out due to hunger, God provided. Even when they cried out for thirst, he provided water. Unfortunately, it was at this time of providing water from the rock, that you did not heed God’s word and you struck the rock with your staff. I’m sure you were tired from all the struggles, complaints, and challenges, and although God had been true to you in everything, this a very human reaction of yours, but not what God had commanded. God wanted and needed your obedience, and for this transgression, you would not be allowed to enter the promise land. Even though you could not go with your brothers and sisters, your role was monumental in this entire process. Many lives were saved and many families were started, in freedom, thanks to your obedience to God.

Oh my, what incredible things you experienced and events you put into action, through God’s word and strength. One can only imagine the wonder and magnificence of it all. I only hope, that when I get to judgement day, that God grants me entrance and that you are there to answer these many questions I have. You were such a phenomenal man who accomplished incredible feats, yet you were shy and humble, a combination of traits that are all to foreign to us today.

Thank you, Moses, for your life and the things you accomplished though God. I know you would be too modest to agree, but we need more men like you that simply trust God and do all things for and through him. What a beautiful world this would be – ironically a world exactly as God designed and intended it to be!!!

With My Deepest Reverence and Respect,


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