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All You Need to Know.

I am a person. I am confident and accomplished but not proud. I have succeeded at many things, and failed at many as well. I have been an All-American and I have been not even thought of. I have friends and I’m sure some people would say they are my enemy. I treat everyone with respect. Many people trust me, others do not. I love God and I love my country and I totally love and revere my family.

I believe I am a success, in-spite of all my shortcomings.

Is there anything more that you need to know about me? For that matter, is there anything more we need to know about anyone???

Notice-I did not mention my race, my age, my sex, my religion, my origin, nor any other bias that our world and culture seem to think are important. By mentioning any possible bias, YOU CREATE PREJUDICE…whether done intentionally or not.

I do everything in my power to love and respect everyone! Yes I fail, but because I love God and pray to Him daily to help me, I succeed far more than my shortcomings and I continue to improve every day.

If we understand the true meaning of Jesus teachings and the Bible, I believe this is all that's important and all that we need to want for, or know about, each other.

We need to remove labels and other descriptive terms from your posts and conversations so to not encourage prejudice, separation, and other biases…I implore you…DON’T be a person who adds fuel to the fire!!!

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