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Every day we LITERALLY make thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, choices. I know it doesn’t seem like it but studies prove this to be true. It is estimated that a normal day sees 35, 000 choices made by every day people like you and I.

We all know the really bad choices we could make-Crime, Drugs, etc. and the dead-end reality that usually results. But what about the basic - simple - everyday choices…Let me tell you, even the simple minor choices can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Let’s look at a simple scenario:

You get out of bed, after hitting snooze a zillion times😑. You take three steps then stub your toe…I’m not sure anything hurts more! After a few words in anger, the pain MOSTLY subsides. A few minutes later, in a hurry because your running behind, the multiple snooze effect ☺️, you abruptly rush around a corner and woops- you knock a valuable Heirloom off a shelf and it shatters all over the floor. You have a young dog or cat and you know the shattered antique could hurt them badly, so you have to clean it up so they don’t hurt themselves.

Now you’re even later to work. You’re in a horrible mood due to the events of the morning and you snap at your friends and coworkers. You are also quite anxious because you expect a lecture from your boss. A few minutes later, your expectation turns to reality when your boss says you have to be on time or he’ll have to cut your hours, or even worse, let you go.

The rest of the day your anxious, twitchy, nervous….and ANGRY. After work, you transfer these feelings onto your family, friends, and spouse and kids if applicable. You try to relax reading your favorite book but you can’t focus. It’s time for bed, but you can’t relax. You get little sleep so odds are tomorrow may be a repeat performance.

All this angst, anger, frustration, nervousness…and yes DAMAGE…done because of one, then several more follow-on, simple decisions.

In this one simple scenario, there are numerous simple, easy, everyday choices.

1. By snoozing the alarm, the first time, you chose to ignore the time you originally determined was necessary to set the alarm, so to start your day off right

2. You repeatedly choose to repeat this choice each time you snoozed the alarm

3. You chose to move through the house quickly, not watching where you were going, and ran your toe into a hard object – all precipitated by snoozing the alarm

4. You actually chose the pain you’re feeling because of you hurried actions…and choices

5. You chose to move through the house quickly, not watching where you were going, and knocked the Heirloom to the floor – all precipitated by snoozing the alarm

6. You rightfully chose to clean up the broken Heirloom because the debris you chose to scatter on the floor could harm your pets

7. You choose to transfer your anger to your coworkers because of the morning’s events

8. You chose to get lectured by your boss because you chose to snooze the alarm oh soooo many times

9. You chose to be twitchy and nervous and angry

10. You chose to lash out at your family and friends

11. You chose not being able to concentrate on a good book to read

12. You chose not being able to relax and sleep

13. Yes, you chose to make this a bad, possible very very bad, day because you chose to damage yourself, your possessions, your friends, your job, and your family

14. Finally, and likely most sadly, you chose to likely repeat tomorrow, all of today’s actions, due to the lack of sleep you have gotten

This is only one simple scenario in a day where people live out numerous other scenarios. Brief encounters with people, strangers, coworkers, friends and family – We always have the choice to treat each of these with grace, love, respect, joy, indifference, anger, frustration, rudeness, or hate.

How do we handle others when we drive on the roads. What do we do when faced with monetary issues, paying bills, shopping, substantial purchases like homes, cars, major electronics, trips, investments…all of these things require us to make a conscious choice.

Serious life affirming relationships – Are we honest, or not so? Do we show love and compassion or are we just along for the ride. Are our conversations deeply felt and meant, or just a routine that is expected. Are we committed to the best for all, or just ourselves, or do we even care.

REMEMBER – You always have a choice. It’s these choices that make for a long lasting, meaningful, and enjoyable life…OR…it’s these very same exact choices that can lead to frustration, angst, boredom, complacency, and failure. But MOST IMPORTANTLY – it is YOUR CHOICE TO MAKE THE CHOICE. Choose to be kind…choose to be open…choose to be honest…choose to be caring…choose to be compassionate…choose to share love…choose to have a passion, or at least the commitment to work through issues, troubles, worries, anger, frustration, and the bad things you encounter, by staying upbeat and positive and not allow these negative situations to take away the positive choices you need to make.

Choose to start your day with Jesus and in God’s Word. Choose to stay committed to a routine that serves God and it will serve you. The Bible book of Proverbs tells us of many choices we will be faced with and how we should choose. One example is Proverbs 21:20 which says: “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.”

Making the commitment to build a relationship with God is the smarted choice one can make. I urge you to make this choice – make a commitment to start a relationship with your – our – Savior. Proverbs 14:12 also tells us: “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end, it leads to death.”

I leave you with this from the Bible: Philippians 4:8 – “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

Make the Choice today – The Choice to have a relationship with God. A relationship with God, will lead to you making the right choices, far far more often than not!!!

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