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Comuning With God - Restoring the Mind

Friends of God and Our Country

To Our members and returning friends - thank you so much for your friend


We will be taking a three-week hiatus (May 24-June 14) while we vacation with family. While vacationing, I’m sure we will be posting updates to social media, assuming we can get a cell signal, which is always challenging where we are going. But until we return, please check out some of our past posts and if your interested in always positive, never attacking or demeaning, messages, please join our web site:


Join our website for bi-weekly messages and trustworthy resources. Our non-for-profit charges no fees and accepts no advertising. We would love to share our messages and resources with you!!!

Join us at

Some of our past messages:

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  • Clifford – 5 – 3 – 0 – 8

  • Discrimination – You Are Next?

  • What happened to the Apostles in:

  • What Do We Do Now

  • What Happened to the Apostles

  • Christian Films

  • Glory Days

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