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God and Our Country – 46:10 Ministries

We have come to a crossroads. Society as a whole is changing significantly. Major corporations are redesigning their strategy’s and their cultures, and many countries are driving their citizens into the world of the unknown by venturing far far away from their core commitments-the root of their foundations. In Ecclesiastes 1:9, Solomon wrote: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” While I have always believed this to be true, one has to wonder if the world today isn’t just a bit “new” on its current path…or…is it just the vast volume of people and our troubles, that give us this feeling that somehow, just a fraction of all this “shift” in the world’s dynamic, is slightly different than ages past???

The message Solomon was trying to convey was that God never changes. We in this world will always have troubles, challenges, and experience both good and evil, but God remains the same; loving, caring, and full of grace. On this point, there is no doubt nor question!!!

Six weeks from now, will be the one-year anniversary of me starting 46:10 Ministries and the associated web site; God and Our Country. However, the path of this world, the fragmenting of this country, the watered-down corporate structures, and the ever too prevalent finger pointing and overbearing sensitivity, has indicated quite strongly to me that I need to change my direction and my business strategy and commitment. I need to reassess the focus, dedication, and message that my business conveys.

I launched 46:10 Ministries with the sole intent to share the truth of the Bible first, and the true meaning of the United States Constitution second. The strategy was to provide thought provoking messages and web site resources true to the Bible and the Constitution, which quite frankly we have done, relatively well, over these past 10 ½ months. We do this both honestly and intentionally with no advertising sold, no merchandise to sell, no fees or other charges of any find – this is a totally free service provided without any subsidy of any kind. Because we believe that every Christian and every citizen has a responsibility to spread the Good News of Christ and to be true to our country’s Constitution.

Well today, we will be changing our strategy and commitment ever so slightly. We will recommit ourselves to focusing on the one true constant that exists and that is God. We may, on the rare occasion focus a message or two on our country or other topics, but our intent and the core of all we do, will be focused, first, and foremost, on God and His word.

So, for those of you who made note of our monthly schedule for August, we will continue to publish the planned messages on the planned dates, with the exception of the “Make-em Laugh” message which was superseded by an impromptu encore message about Christian artists Casting Crowns. But beginning is September, our schedule of messages will reflect this newly refreshed and heightened commitment to God. We likely will not change the name of the web site, because the core US message and documents remain critical to all, at least in the US (as we have a few international members 😊), but we will change most of the messaging and topics to be focused on our never changing God, versus the constantly changing world in which we live.

Society’s will continue to adapt to, and follow, their Satanistic ways, promoting various different messages of impurity and immorality with the intent of putting every individual above all others, in an effort to promote an all-about ME culture. Companies will continue to embrace all the ill-wills that society is promoting, so to not take a chance of alienating any particular demographic, so to ensure stronger sales and employment numbers as they enhance their commitment to money above all else. Countries will continue to flounder as they try to be everything to everybody knowing that perfection is not achievable and that trying to placate all, will satisfy the few, and by default alienate many. But we, as a business, will chose that one constant in God.

We will commit ourselves to the true and never changing message of Jesus and His Father God. The very God that spoke the earth into existence. The same God that created light, dark, the seas, and all the creatures, including us; mankind. The God that rose Jesus from the grave, the God that commands the dead to wake, the God that moves mountains when He speaks, the God that can calm a raging sea, and the God that heals the weak and the weary. The God that has been the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

This God, lives in us, everyday; we only need to seek him out to understand his incredible love and grace. So, from this day forward, it will be our businesses commitment to live for Him. Joshua made it clear in Joshua 24:15, and although I have lived this loosely all my life, it has never become more apparent than it is today. Joshua spoke these words ~3500 years ago, and although they are quite common today, how many of us truly follow these words or do we follow them loosely, like I have, or even not followed them at all?

I close this message committing myself and my business to follow Joshua’s words. In full, this verse is as true today as it was those ~3500 years ago: “But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

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