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God's Green Earth - Part II

I’m still not a huge fan of what much of social media does, as it all too often has become a haven for people to attack or ridicule others, promote their own selfish causes, and just plain be mean and disrespectful. However, I guess it all depends on what you choose to do and whom you choose to befriend. So, for me the venture into social media has actually been very positive. Mainly because I do research all friend choices and all the various groups of which I choose to be a member, and so far, mainly thanks to those wonderful people, and groups, I am friends with, it has been a very positive, caring, rewarding, and also quite humorous experience. Man, there are some incredibly gifted and creative people out there – thank you God for connecting me with them!!!

As I stated in Part I of this post, I started 46:10 Ministries, and the associated God and Our Country web site, to spread positive, caring, and loving messages to honor God and thank him for all the wonderful people, animals, nature, and beautiful wonders of this magnificent world He created for us. So, I think it only natural to share some of God’s Beauty that he created for all of us, captured by these many creative people, whom have posted such marvelous pictures of God’s Green Earth.

Here is just a handful of the nearly 140 photographs I have, and which I wish to share because I feel they are magnificent. I believe all of these photos to be genuine as many on social media have been doctored or photo chopped. Of these 140+ photos, it’s no surprise that the vast majority feature the two most essential things, to all of us humans, and that is water and the sun. Because without God, water, and the sun, we could not exist.

First let’s feature these photos of both the sun and various water settings. We are so blessed to live in a world with such incredible beauty!!!

How about some beautiful creatures that God has created to share with us… incredible beauty!!!

How about a reminder of our great country and the flag of the USA with some beautiful sights surrounding them!!!

Some of God’s natural creations and phenomena’s – so gorgeous!!!

Check out these weather shots:

Finally, we started with the sun, but there are some incredible shots of the moon as well!!!

Again, I wanted to share the absolute beauty and magnificence of God’s creation, surrounding all of us every day. There is no mistaking that God wanted to share such marvels with us to keep us thinking, appreciating, and wondering of all the creations, beauties, and wonders of this world. Bringing us pleasure and amazement at the same time. Showing all of us his majesty, brilliance, and power.

I know there was not much content, in the form of words, to this message. But there are honestly no words that can do justice to these beautiful sights. Thank you to the many photographers that captured such beauty and posted these pictures on social media for us all to enjoy. I can stare at these gorgeous scenes and just fade into their settings with reverence and pure joy!!!

As you reflect on these beautiful wonders from God’s green earth, it reminds us that in the beginning God knew exactly what He was doing and He did all of this for us to have enriched, meaningful, and prosperous lives, surrounded by His beauty and grace, so to truly embrace and enjoy this land he created. As Moses told us in Genesis 1:

On day one, God created the heavens and the earth, He separated the waters from above and below and thus created the sky. He created land between the waters and called the waters seas. He commanded “Let the land produce vegetation,” and seed-bearing plants and trees. He created the sun and the moon and all the stars and He created the creatures of the sea and the birds to fly through the skies and commanded them to be fruitful and multiply. He created all the living creatures of the earth. He then created us- MAN.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

God, you are a loving, caring, compassionate God who has given us many great things with which to live our lives for these very short years on this great planet you created. And in your infinite wisdom, you are also so very modest. You said that Your creation was very good, which by Your standards is accurate. But by our humanly standards, this earth You created for us has no adequate words of grandeur that do it justice. It is beautiful, magnificent, incredible, gorgeous, awe-inspiring, fantastic, and breathtaking. Multiply all these superlatives by ten and they still don’t do it justice. Thank You for this marvelous temporary home!!!

God’s Green Earth – it is very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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