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Good News - Sometimes Hard to Find

I got up yesterday morning, did my standard morning health rituals, went out to get the morning paper – yes, we still read the newspaper, made myself breakfast and sat down to watch a bit of the news. After about 40 minutes of viewing, I noticed that almost 100% of the stories were the same “news” that I had heard the past 2-3 days. I’d like to say this was unusual, but unfortunately it has been a reoccurring theme for several years now.

Harken the old biblical saying; “there’s nothing new under the sun.” I’m obviously paraphrasing the fact that we all know that the more history that is recorded each and every day, the more it simply continues to repeat itself. In fact, the more we think we have seen or experienced something unusual or unique, the chances are that this unusual-unique occurrence has happened many times before.

So, I can say without reservation that I am not at all shocked that the news continues to repeat itself. And if you followed the news these past few days, there’s not much positive in it, or should I clarify, there usually isn’t much positives at all. But isn’t that the strategy of the news, shock and awe, make us scared, ashamed, instill fear and doubt in our lives?

“I turn on the tube and what do I see?

A whole lot of people crying, "Don't blame me"

They point their crooked little fingers at everybody else

Spend all their time feeling sorry for themselves

Victim of this, victim of that

Your mamma's too thin and your daddy's too fat.”

As the Eagles told us in “Get Over It,” there is a lot of bitching and moaning and pitching a fit.” But let me assure you, there is a great deal of positive news out there, and here are a few examples:

· This past week, over 5,000 people, across the US, were sworn in as new legally committed and endorsed citizens of our country.

· Many many people peacefully celebrated the birth of our country, with respect, reverence, and true love of country.

· Parades were held across our country engaging families, children, veterans, school bands, and citizens from all walks of life, just to enjoy the holiday.

· Police officers, fire men and women, soldiers new and old, health care workers, and civil servants were celebrated for their contributions and love of their jobs and their families and country.

· Charities all over the country are starting to see an uptick in donations and volunteer support.

· Butterfly and bee populations, which were seriously endangered, are on the rebound.

· Even with the challenges of fuel costs, staffing, and weather, travel and vacationing around the world is back to pre-pandemic levels.

Yes, there are examples where there have been serious challenges concerning the above stated positives, like a city where possessing handguns is banned, having a major shooting event, which unfortunately is not that unusual. Yet another example where banning guns does nothing to stop shootings. But there are far more positives than those few negatives.

As we reflect on the positives that continue to occur, all around us, even though we don’t see them on the tube, the brilliant lyrics from the Eagles song “Get Over It,” and those few in our culture that wish to bring evil to bare, we must remember to put love first and above all else. Love of self, others, family, friends, and even those we do not know or pass on the street. We need to settle our differences as most mature intelligent people do, through conversation or walking away from tense situations. Violence and confrontational actions never solve anything and those who have had a past of doing such things, will tell you upon reflection that people never feel better, people never get true settlement, nor do they ever find peace and comfort from such actions.

“Yeah, you drag it around like a ball and chain

You wallow in the guilt, you wallow in the pain

You wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown

Got your mind in the gutter, bringing everybody down

You bitch about the present and blame it on the past

I'd like to find your inner child and kick its little ass.”

In this Eagles’ lyric, they’re not only saying Get Over It, but there is also a resounding “Wake Up” in these words. Getting angry, becoming a victim, never looking inside ourselves and always blaming others, and holding grudges which fuel hate, are all tools of evil and exactly what Satan wants from all of us. But God is all about love and He and His messages are always pure and true love. Yet many chose to follow these evil paths and shun God – what makes sense about this? Think about it – which makes you feel better - a positive loving and caring conversation and/or event ...or... an angry fight or argument? Sometimes word of anger, hate, revenge can make you feel good – momentarily, but in the long run only love and good can satisfy us and bring us true and lasting peace and comfort.

Our time on this earth, in this life, is so very very short, that we cannot, must not, waste it on anger, because only love, caring, friendship, can truly bring us full, meaningful, and fulfilled lives.

So when you look back at this past week, celebrate the good, celebrate the loving, celebrate the thoughtful and present parents, the caring civil servants, the committed soldiers and working professionals, and yes celebrate our great country. But before you start each and every day, celebrate God … FIRST … for He has provided all for you and I.

Let the peace and love that passes all understanding keep your hearts and your mind in Christ Jesus!

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