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Memorial Day – Shouldn’t it Be EVERY DAY…OR … For Those Who May Have Forgotten or Never Known!!!

I was recently on a customer service call and the young lady and I were making small talk while we waited. She mentioned the upcoming weekend was a holiday and asked me how we planned to “celebrate?” I’m sure she meant nothing by her statement and didn’t realize her poor choice of words.

What I’m referring to was her choice of the word “celebrate.” Memorial Day is not a celebration. It is a time to give reverence or to pay tribute.

Now I don’t blame her because she simply doesn’t know or realize what she said. It was just another holiday to her. I do blame her schools mostly, and a little bit I blame her parents and our society.

We neatly pack our holidays into celebrations – three or four day weekends to “celebrate,” however we please. But these holidays are intended to have greater meaning and purpose. That meaning and purpose is so important, that quite frankly every day we should be honoring these heroes to whom Memorial Day was dedicated.

So, to truly pay tribute…and…to possibly awaken the hearts and minds of our younger folks who may not understand, we will offer up the following montage of photos gathered throughout the years from various sources. In an effort to educate, remind, and TRULY give total respect and remembrance to those great Americans for which this day exists:

God Bless all of those who have fought and died for freedom...FOR YOU AND I !!!

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