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My Home Town

I have always admired people who often reminisce and speak glowingly of their home towns. To always remember and reflect on that place where everyone knew you and you were a permanent part of that community and therefore in people’s hearts. As a youth growing up, I didn’t have those memories ... yet.

As an only child of two parents who were teachers, I honestly can say that I never had a “Home Town.” I was an only child because my mother had MS and my parents didn’t want to risk passing MS onto other potential offspring.

Anyway, as a son of teachers, who in those days were very poorly paid, teachers often jumped from job to job for better pay. So in my first ten years of life, I had lived in Tipton, Elwood, Windfall, Elwood again, Pennville, Indianapolis, and Columbus. None of these places could I, or would I, claim as my home town.

In 1970, my father was offered a school Superintendents’ job in both Hobart and Edinburg(h). We visited both towns and chose Edinburg(h) - it had no (h) in 1970.

Edinburg(h) was known as the Walnut Veneer Capitol of the world, first high school(HS) to have an electric football scoreboard, and had just built a new high school building.

I played four sports in junior high so naturally I was looking forward to HS football. HS football season starts a few weeks before classes actually begin. So, I walked into the HS gym a shy, relatively small, freshman knowing not one single person in the room of roughly 40 people.

I was immediately greeted by a couple of guys led by Bruce Walden, Jim Sanders, and others. They were so kind and welcoming that I immediately felt like I had known these guys my entire life!

The next four years would find me teaming up with super nice people in numerous endeavors; four year-around sports, band, dance/jazz band, newspaper, yearbook, student council, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. None of these things I could have done without the support and friendship of my great classmates.

My classmates and I were the first class to spend four full years together in the new HS building, we were the 99th class in history to graduate from Edinburg, and at that time we were the largest class to ever graduate with a whopping 85 graduates.

We had the best jazz band in the state, we won a HS basketball sectional, won a few conference championships in various sports, we set some school records-some are still held, and we had some all-state and all-american teammates.

As I look back, I can’t remember ever having any issues with anyone in that school, and the people of the town were equally wonderful and welcoming. The teachers were also incredible and I loved all my coaches as well. I only seriously dated two girls who were two of the nicest, and kindest, young girls I’ve ever known.

I remained a resident of the “Burg” throughout my college years, as well, and up until I got married.

As you can see, I did not grow up life long in the “Burg” but the folks of that community accepting me and treated me like I had lived there my entire life. I love Edinburgh-Indiana and I consider it my adopted hometown!!!

I have followed this wonderful community since my graduation. I have marveled at some pretty darn good students and teams, and some teams that really struggled. But when you consider the Lancers are one of the smallest schools in the state, they have done pretty well overall. Thank you to everyone for such wonderful memories and for treating me so well! I am so very fortunate that my parents chose the Edinburg job!!! I got sooooo much more out of those friendships and relationships than I ever deserved…I just hope I returned as much love and support, as the people of this town gave me!

I am so very very happy to be able to boldly proclaim, that Edinburgh, Indiana, the home of the Lancers, is INDEED MY HOME TOWN!!!

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