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OH - Those Wacky Minions part II

OOOHHH OOOOOO AAAHHH – We love making people smile!!!

Continuing on with the Minions, I thought I would share more of Gru’s adorable cohorts in crime, as they humor us with amusing commentary on many of today’s challenges, brought to us by some very creative social media posts. Please join me as I share comments from Kevin, Stuart, and Bob as they apply their unique brand of humor to our lives.

It is hard not to love these adorable characters and the humorous parts written for them. As well as their hilarious actions and slap-stick style comedy. They have certainly become a huge hit with children but have also had quite the charming impact and effect on us adults as well.

For me I love the humorous statements often attributed to them and the creativity and brilliance of the every day person who posts these refreshingly witty and adorable quotes on social media. So, today I want to AGAIN share some of the best Minion comics I have collected from various social media sites. Because they are minions, one almost has to laugh when reading these snippets, but don’t lose site of the truly creative minds behind these cute little delights.

As I unveil these comical treats, I am AGAIN going to steel that old original smart phone slogan used to entice people to purchase or download different software to use. That saying was; “There’s an App for that!” So, here we go:

As we reflected on why we say the things we do in our “Say What???” post last week, I’m reminded that there’s a Minion for that:

Some people have often commented, to me, that I am a very talented guy. Well, I’m not so sure, but there is a Minion for that:

As you know I’m leery of social media because so many people post negative messages, well, there’s a Minion for this:

People who know me say I can fall asleep on a dime and sleep through anything. Well, I can relate to that… “zzzz” “zzzz” “zzzz” – woops sorry… I must have nodded off…yes, there is a Minion for this:

George Carlin used to say a man does not mature until he’s 40. I used to scoff at these remarks but the older I got, the more this seemed to be correct. Well, there’s a Minion for that:

There was a very funny, yet short run (2005-2009) television show called; “My Name is Earl,” that extolled the “virtues” of Karma. Funny enough, but there’s a Minion for this:

The Bible reminds us that Sundays are designed by God to be a day of rest. So, it’s no surprise that there’s a Minion for this:

We have a routine around our house, my wife leaves a light on and I turn it off. It occurs so often that it becomes somewhat humorous. However, I was surprised to find out that there’s a Minion for this:

God did not design us humans to stress and worry and to forget about our past and live for the future. The Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” Sound Biblical advice and of course, there’s a Minion for this:

Worry is a human emotion which serves no positive purpose as it only causes more stress and shortens our lives. Jesus told us numerous times not to worry and to put our faith and trust in Him. God never gives us more than we can handle. Most appropriately, there’s a Minion for this:

We need to remember that we are to Love God, ourselves, and others. Matthew 22:36 reminds us that Jesus told us which commandment was the most important: “Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Yes, you guessed it, there is indeed a Minion for this:

Finally, all this jocularity has gotten to me, and I hope has amused you as well, but I would be remiss not to be a bit serious, in closing. There have been so many people in my life that have done so much for me. I have not done a good job acknowledging them and loving them for their kindness and support. I think we all suffer from this at times, but please understand that every person I have ever encountered, has touched my life and helped make me grow and mature. Most appropriately for everyone I have encountered, throughout this wonderful journey of life, I have a Minion for YOU:

I hope these little ditties brought a smile to your face. I know every time I see them on social media, they make me chuckle and brighten my day. Thank you to all those who have created these humorous anecdotes and brought some joy into this sometimes-challenging world. Just remember, the more you laugh and smile, the better you feel, the better others around you feel, and the better your days go. So next time you’re feeling a bit down, remember, “THERE’S A MINION FOR THAT!

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