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Pray – Pray – Pray

This past week and weekend was a horrifying one for so very many people in our land. Storms ripped through many communities, destroying homes and businesses. In Indiana alone, there were 17 confirmed tornados.

Our media focused yes on the storms, but also on murder, crime, politics, and the economy – Have they sufficiently scared you yet???

One evening before these storms, there were people who died when homes caught fire, crimes were committed, and automobile safety was forgotten. Unfortunately, these are all signs of LIFE pure and simple. Storms will happen – people will commit crimes, and drivers will be carless with their automobiles. They are just reporting the news, they say, but at times it does seem to be their motivation to scare us.

So, in line with the media negativity, many people are declaring that the world is coming to an end. That crime is rampant and lawlessness abounds. While there are certainly instances of these things being true, I think these people, especially the media, are all missing the point.

Our focus needs to be on ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WHO NEED OUR HELP!!!

Hundreds, likely thousands, of homes and businesses were destroyed. These are family’s that need help, food, water, and a roof to stay under. Power outages were, and still are, everywhere. Which means food in refrigerators and freezers likely went bad. Cars were damaged thus no transportation. No power also means no television, no phones getting charged, no tablets, no computers, which by themselves might not be bad things unless phones are needed for safety. It also means no HVAC – no heat for the colder climates and no air conditioning for the hotter climates.

What about the businesses. Many of these folks are small businesses who count on this business for their life’s earnings. What about their employees, who now have no paycheck because they can’t work due to destroyed businesses.

What about the emergency services, who suddenly have more work thrust upon them than is humanly possible to manage. In Whiteland, Indiana, one fire station was dispatched on a run due to the weather. When they returned to the station, the station itself had been leveled by the tornado. A real shame, but these heroes will continue to show up, all in an effort to help others.

What about the linemen who are dispatched to repair the power lines. Sure, they are getting paid, but they are spending countless hours away from their homes and families, all in an effort to help others.

Lastly, and most importantly, let’s think about those who lost their lives. The impact on their families and friends. Their communities, their churches, employers, and their life’s work. Two people in Indiana lost their lives while camping when the tornado’s hit. They leave behind two children, who are now without parents. Oh, how heart-wrenching that is to me and I’m sure many others!!!

It all seems too horrible, too unmanageable, tool stressful, too catastrophic, to survive…BUT…we have a loving, caring, compassionate God, and His message would be:

Be Still…and know…that I am God!!!

God didn’t cause any of this – this is LIFE pure and simple. But God does love us and does send the Holy Spirit to help us.

Let there be no mistake, that people are jumping in to help others. Many of the donation’s site are actually overflowing with resources to help – so much so that they have asked people to stop donating. Look at all the people in the neighborhood helping clear the rubbish, helping repair damage, providing generators to strangers to help them with power. The response has been incredible and continues to be a great example of God’s love.

What people are doing to help, is sooooo much more important than most of the news stories we are hearing today. There is no question in my mind that these people are being given a helping hand from God. Tired, weary, struggling, in pain, and nearly ready to collapse, people are still stepping up to help others, no matter what it takes!!!

If you are helping – God Bless You!!!

If you THINK you are unable to help – YOU ARE WRONG. You most certainly can help by praying. Pray – Pray – Pray!!!

Pray that God gives all of these people the strength, the comfort, the patience, and the courage to continue on and never give up. Pray for all the people we have mentioned.

But most importantly, pray that each and every person will come to know that they can trust in God. As He said in Psalm 46:10:

Be Still…and know…that I am God!!!

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