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Remembering Those Who Gave Us FREEDOM !!!

On this Memorial Day, as we should every day, we pause and say thanks to those who gave us freedom.

First of all, and most importantly, we need to thank one Man, who above all others is responsible for our freedom. This Man, like so many who followed, gave the ultimate sacrifice so that all of us, you and I alike, could live in freedom our entire lifetimes. This Man knows everyone of us, loves everyone of us, has compassion for, and a strong belief in, all of us, and allowed himself to be illegally arrested, tortured, belittled, mocked, and abused, for all of us.

It has broken this Man’s heart every single time someone has died to give us freedom. In every battle of every war, this Man has loved and cherished all of those who have fought for our country. This Man has protected when and where He could, given comfort and strength to every person, and has always been there to welcome every soldier home and thank them for their sacrifice.

On this Memorial Day, please please please pay tribute to every soldier, man and woman alike, who has paid the ultimate sacrifice just as this Man has done.

We thank God for His incredible love and grace and for every soldier who has fought to make us, and keep us, free. And, of course, we thank God for this Man!!!

This Man is the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

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