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Roe vs. Wade – Woman’s Rights ???

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the stance that overturning the Roe Vs. Wade decision strips women of their rights and their freedom. I have some very good friends, on both sides of this debate, so I truly understand their views and positions, but I’m struggling to find validity in this assertion. Before this ruling and after, a woman has all the rights afforded her, as a legal citizen of our country, that every other person has, so I honestly don’t see this as a woman’s rights issue.

I must admit, when the Supreme Court announced this ruling Friday June 24, I was thrilled. I have always been deeply disappointed that we were a country that had legalized murder. So now it’s up to the states to decide. I’m guessing the states will more than likely follow political lines and influence. However, there are a fair share of so-called “liberals” that are opposed to abortion so you may see a slight leaning towards more states outlawing abortion than not.

The fact is, this is a very complex issue, and it can be very troubling and intense to determine an all or nothing approach. Cases of incest, rape, and divided or absent parental consent, just add to the complexity. But the issue here, or what we say in the business world, the root cause, is not the woman’s rights, it’s the life of a human being.

It seems to me the root cause here is a society that has lost God or at least their reverence for God. Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that God said: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart;” We have all heard the saying that all babies are a gift from God, and while it has a wonderful ring to it, I feel many people don’t believe they are “LITERALLY” gifts from God. Based on this passage, and several others in the Bible, I think the evidence is clear that all babies are God’s creation.

Look at the earthly evidence. Many couples try and try to have kids and can’t, and then suddenly one unexpected day, they are pregnant. Others only want one or two kids and they have several. Even in the cases where crimes have been committed causing pregnancy, many of these children have grown up to be good people and citizens.

Look at Abraham and Sarah. They both believed Sarah was barren but God told them He would provide a son. For many years, they struggled with their belief, and did not know how it would happen, but eventually it did.

I could go on and on about why this is a separation from God issue and not a woman’s rights issue. But there are a few more root causes I want to address.

Having a child should be a well-thought-out decision, by a husband and wife. Yes, I said it - husband and wife. God intended children to be His gift to married couples. For those couples to love, teach, bond, and nurture these children into God loving people. When you remove these factors from the equation, you begin flirting with troubles. Absentee parents, children not nurtured, or worse even abandoned, and ultimately broken homes and financial strife.

Once you decide to do the act that can conceive a child, you have started the process that may result in a child. A child from God – God’s creation! There is no restriction on a woman’s or a man’s right to do the act. But once that act results in a developing human being, you have added the rights of that child to your responsibilities. So, you have not lost any rights, you have just consciously and intentionally done an act that YOU KNOW may result in you having expanded responsibilities. Responsibilities that require you to act in the best interest of that child you chose to create.

The fact is, that if you don’t want abortion to become a possible life altering, family destroying, potential financial or career defining event, then don’t do the act until you are ready to raise God’s children.

Also, do the folks fighting about this being overturned ever sit back and realize that if their mother or parents had decided to abort them, they wouldn’t be here speaking out as they are – in fact they wouldn’t have ever existed???

Yes, this is a very complex topic, with many varying degrees of issues and nuances. But the fact is that God intended child baring to be a gift from Him to married parents. He intended that the parents desire to have children, be thought out and planned, with their resources and capabilities considered, before deciding to raise a family.

I truly truly understand all the arguments and challenges…but I can never…never…never…agree that killing an unborn child should be legal, at any age and in any country.

This is not a woman’s rights issue…this is a commitment to God issue.

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