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Travelling to the Old Country!!!

Most of you know we host a TRUE non-profit website that charges no fees, sells no advertising, nor sells anyone’s contact information. The site is quite literally FREE and managed 100% by people who happily donate their time to share positive non-bias views of Christianity and about our country, the USA.

One of the challenges to managing this business is that I still hold down an additional full-time job, which certainly limits my ability to support this site. Happily, in about 9 months, I will be fully retired and my plans for this site, as well as my public speaking activities, will expand greatly upon that retirement.

However, for the next three weeks, we will be on hiatus while we travel. This trip has been in our plans since 2017, and was supposed to happen in 2020, but we all know what the pandemic did to nearly all travel plans. Luckily the trip is back on, so let me explain why this trip is important.

For the last 20 years-ish, my business has taken me to some consistent world locations, which for weeks at a time, I called home. There are many locations I won’t mention but the primary cities I would routinely visit are: Walpole MA, Oakland CA, Montreal Quebec, Berlin Germany, and two locations in the UK; Bristol and Derby.

I would come home and tell my wife of all the great places I had been and cool things I got to see, but she never got to experience the same delights. I also mentioned some of the great people I met and got to work with. So, the purpose for this coming trip is to enjoy these sites while not actually working and to introduce some of these gorgeous places to my dear wife.

There are so many beautiful and magnificent places and locales, created by God, that I truly feel we should travel as much as humanly possible to experience the incredible wonders created by our Lord. We are so blessed to be able to travel and take in such beauties. Everywhere I go, I see something new, unique, and absolutely amazing, that God has created for us all to enjoy. I’m sure this trip will not disappoint in amazing us even more.

So, while some from my wonderful family will be staying at our home, we will be travelling to the UK, Ireland, and Scotland. (Yes, I know that Scotland is part of the UK – Ireland is not 😊) Fact is, that I have spent many months in Derby and Bristol, in the UK, as well as some time in Dublin Ireland and Edinburgh Scotland. But I have never had the freedom of visiting these places on my own time, as work has always dominated the time spent at these locations.

While we are gone, we will pause our twice weekly posts/blogs. I’m sure we will be posting updates of our travels on the various social media sites; Facebook, Instagram, and maybe even LinkedIn, but likely not on our web site itself.

In the meantime, I want to thank all the people who have joined our web site – we truly appreciate your membership. We plan to start posting and sending out daily Bible versus and/or thoughts for the day, once we return, and would like to grow the website to provide all you members, the materials and resources you want.

If there is anything you would like to see added to our web site, or if you would like to see more, or less, posts and blogs, let us know at the e-mail address below. In fact, feel free to make any suggestions, via this e-mail, and we will do everything we can to provide what you need.

Thanks again EVERYONE – God Bless You All and we look forward to sharing more information when we return!!!

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