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TWO YEAR Anniversary – God and Our Country

This week we celebrate two years in business, bringing positive Christian messages and resources to everyone and anyone who wishes to engage the positives of God’s magnificent creation. Our membership has quadrupled this past year and just two days ago (October 1), we began sending daily prayers to our web site members, so that they can start their days, if they so choose, in reverence to God and asking for His guidance.

Our business is a TRUE non-profit. We charge no fees, we donate all of our time at no cost, we never sell our members information, and we never accept any form of advertising. We honestly only want to share our Christian and Country, non-bias or political messages and resources with you!!!

If you would like to become a member, it’s very simple and it takes less than 2 minutes. Simply go to our web site at, and sign up. We only ask for your name and e-mail so you can receive the Daily Prayer and any website updates or changes. We will not spam you as we rarely send out updates as we rarely make wholesale changes. You will only receive e-mails with the daily prayer sent out each morning at 5:00am EST, and our twice a week blogs of positive Christian and Country messages.

Here is an explanation of why we started the business and what you can expect:

I was pondering my next challenge in life as I work my last six months until retirement. I want to do something that is helpful and meaningful. I don’t care about making money (I always have been a bit odd😊) and I don’t feel the need to launch a major company or do a major project. I’m not a particularly creative or inventive person and my true talents are few, so I must admit I was a bit perplexed.

As I went through the list of possibilities, I kept coming back to the fact that there is an awful lot of negativity surrounding us all today, and it seems to be ever increasing from when I was younger. I greatly dislike the negativity. As a Christian man, I also dislike how so many “religions” have taken and twisted God’s Word, and the Words of Jesus, to form their own particular brands of Christianity. Finally, I love this country, with every part of my being, but I am disgusted with how so many people continue to take all the advantages of our country’s design, freedoms, and opportunities, and ignore the fact that they have all these attributes available to them, and then attack, run down, and belittle our nation. Mostly I dislike the politics of it all, not just in Washington, but in life, job, school, etc.

So, there it was, right in front of me. I should create a business and a platform to share nothing but positive and supportive views, while honoring first and foremost Jesus and God, while also supporting and sharing the true meaning of our country’s constitution. But, if I were going to do this, I needed to do one thing above all else – Honor God. So, I committed to doing this, the very best I can, to be POSITIVE…HONEST…CHRISTIAN…AMERICAN in everything I do, and to not personally attack or berate any person, as judgement is God’s alone.

On October 5, 2020, I started 46:10 Ministries. 46:10 Ministries is my own small business with the sole intent of sharing the Word of Jesus to all and to help everyone understand that Jesus is the TRUE answer to every worry, concern, need, or struggle we may have. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

The business name to me is obvious but maybe not so, to many of you. We are challenged with worry, illness, physical issues, relationship issues, political issues, crime, disputes, cultural differences, mental health challenges, war, and all sorts of levels of pain and dissatisfaction…and to all this, the ONE TRUE answer is Psalms 46:10:

Be still and know that I am God.

The purpose then became how do I spread the Gospel and how do I share positive and honest messages with everyone. The business needed a web site, so God and Our Country was launched to support the business. This web site is not only a launching pad for these positive messages, but also for our public speaking events, because it is important to note that we …BY DESIGN…make no money on this venture. We change no fees, sell no products, sell no advertising, and only ask for travel expenses to be reimbursed when speaking publicly; no speakers fees.

I think people want positives; positive news, positive topics, positive relationships, and honest positive opinions, versus the negatives that surround us everywhere we go. Is a web site, with posted messages and occasionally speaking events going to make an impact – I honestly don’t know – I hope it does. But if we can affect or impact one person positively, then it is worth dedicating the time and effort to do so. Now certainly I would like to reach out to and help impact many more than just one, but if it ends up only being one, then so be it!!!

The messages we post are always straight forward, rarely over 5 minutes long, and we make every effort to remove all religious and political biases. I always was a decent writer, but never great. Never a poet laureate or established author, but I am honest, I do my research, I try to be brief (although this is a challenge sometimes 😊), and I try to add a bit of humor. I say what many are thinking and I am hopeful that our messages someday drive change, or at least thought, and the appropriate related actions to improve our lives.

I have had many dear friends throughout my life, and should have, or wish to have had, many many more. I love Jesus and God, I love my dear wife, and my wonderful family. And, for at least these past few years, I’ve done my very best to treat each and every person with love, care, and compassion. We all have challenges, goods, and bads, and we are all so very different yet alike, but I know God loves us all, so hopefully my business can do its part in conveying God’s love, in my small human flawed way.

Thank you to all who have been reading our messages and who have made such supportive comments and sent such messages of love and encouragement. I hope someday I get to speak at an event where I get to meet you, or we meet virtually as we share notes and comments based on these messages. But more than anything, I hope our business in some small way, lightens your day and helps you remember the Love God has for all of us, each and every moment of every day!!!

Thank You and God Bless!!!

*** God and Our Country


Join our website for bi-weekly messages and trustworthy resources. Our non-for-profit charges no fees, never sells your information, and never accepts any form of advertising. We would love to share our messages and resources with you!!!

Join us at

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