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We Need a Physician – For Guns ?????

I visited Cabela’s recently to do some shopping for fishing supplies and some outerwear. As I usually do when I’m in stores I frequent, I wondered through the entire store looking at everything they have to offer. As I traversed the store, I came upon the gun section. As I entered this section of the store, I honestly can say that I was not afraid – my blood pressure did not rise, and I did not become anxious or concerned.

You see, I didn’t see a single gun there that was in any way threatening to me. Not one of them had an ugly stare, or pointy narrow eyes, or spoke with intimidating tone or words. Surrounded by hundreds of guns, with plenty of ammo nearby, I entered and left that section of the store 100% unchanged, without fear, and totally unaffected. Was I just lucky, or did all these guns decide it wasn’t the right time to attack me???

Before you anti-gun people jump to assumptions, let me make it perfectly clear that my glib comments are in no way making light of anyone committing violence, of any kind, with a gun. I am just pointing out the obvious; that it is not the guns that are orchestrating these terrible violent events – it is the people who CONCIOUSLY CHOOSE to use a gun to carry out these human deeds.

I feel as horrible and outraged as anyone for any, and all, of the evil and horrible events that have occurred! It is just quite clear to see that the guns themselves, without a troubled person with a troubled mind, did by themselves, none of the horrific things. There are thousands of equally horrible events that have occurred without the use of a gun. The Oklahoma City Federal building, the Boston Marathon, the Lockerbie Plane downing, the Richmond Hill explosion, etc. are examples of issues where troubled minded people carried out horrible events without using guns, and there are several more that can be listed.

The key that I have stated several times here is; “Trouble Minded People!” This is a mental health issue plane and simple. Every day people, with normal minds, don’t sit around and think of plots to kill people, regardless of whether it’s by bomb, car, knife…or yes…even guns!!!

We have a mental health epidemic on our hands, which is significantly higher than any perceived Covid pandemic. Worse than many wars, worse than many afflictions, worse than nearly every human issue, and the fact is, that these mental health issues lead to not just events like what I’ve mentioned, but they lead to much of the homelessness, unemployment, people living in poverty, and many of the petty, and not so petty, crimes that continue to rise throughout our cities and have bled into our smaller towns.

We need a physician to help heal these people and their mental health issues. That physician first and foremost is God. People raised with the love of, and for, Jesus and God, are far less likely to develop mental health issues. But it must be the true Word of God and not some “Religious” bias with a so-called foundation in the Bible. Jesus made it quite clear, there is only Gods Word, not religious bias, that we need to cling to and follow.

We need a physician that is resources and commitment to help these people. Take the massive number of resources we waste on things like political parties and conventions, congressional hearings to promote political agendas, pensions for elected officials who are already covered by health care our government has required, just to name a few. You’re talking Billions of dollars that could be put towards the experts, professionals, tools, medications, and treatment of mental health issues.

That physician is teaching all people, especially kids, the importance of good solid committed parenting, with a focus on God. Kids need to learn from a very early age how critical strong and committed parenting is. They need to understand that involved and structured parenting is as essential as water and oxygen are to the human body. They need to understand that bringing children up in such an environment, surrounded by the Word and Love of God, will result in these kids’ becoming parents who will continue and live out these values with their kids, and the next generation, and the next.

It's already reared its ugly head again, and will continue to do so, every time we have a violent event where a gun was used, by a person, to commit violence. We will waste more precious time and resources debating this issue, all the while more people don’t get the help they need.

Wake up American – This is a mental health issue plain and simple. There are no physicians needed to treat the inanimate objects, guns, that have no thoughts, no emotions, no anger, no vengeance, and no ability to harm, much less do ANYTHING, without a person doing and planning all the evil they intend to do with them.

Later today, I’m thinking of going over to Rural King to shop for some outdoor stuff. I will inevitably walk by, and possibly into, the gun sales area. When I enter this section of the store, I won’t be afraid – my blood pressure won’t rise, and I won’t become anxious or concerned. Because there won’t be a single gun there that will in any way threaten me. Not one of them will have an ugly stare, or pointy narrow eyes, or speak intimidatingly towards me. Surrounded by hundreds of guns, with plenty of ammo nearby, I will enter and leave that section of the store 100% unchanged, without fear, and totally unaffected.

However, when I stare into the eyes of all the people I meet, some of which will likely be struggling from mental health issues, I can honestly say that I won’t feel as safe and secure.

Worried around guns – not one bit. Worried around some people – Count on it!!!

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