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Why You Vote ... Or ... Do You ???

Today is election day in the USA. They call it the mid-term elections as it falls in the middle year of the current presidents term in office. But my question for you is:

Why do you vote??? .......... OR .......... Do you vote???

Do you vote because of the economy? Do you vote because of some major law or set of laws you like, or don't like? Do you vote because of a certain belief in a particular political party? Or do you vote for change, simply change, or some other reason?

For those who don't vote...Why don't you vote? Is it because you have given up on the political system? Is it because you have no trust or faith in the candidates running for office? Is it because it's too time consuming and you are too busy? Or is it because you simply don't care?

For many, voting has become a personal choice. Yes I would agree withn this, but the personal choice is whjo to vote for - NOT - whether or not to vote at all.

As citizens of this country, just like the politicians we are voting for, or against, we are bound by the constitution. We the People - We are the people.

We are the People and the Constituents mentioned in the Constitution. Per Merriam-Webster: A constituent is one who authorizes another to act as agent, or the Principal who is one who engages another to act as an agent subject to general control and instruction…specifically: the person from whom an agent's authority derives

To understand constituent, look at constitute, which means "to make up." The words share the Latin root constituentem, meaning "to compose," as in a part that makes up a larger whole. A politician's electorate is made of individual constituent voters.

There should be no doubt that the key drivers of adherence to our constitution are the constitution’s constituents.

Based on these definitions, it is not only our civic responsibility, it’s an obligation, and I would argue the entire constitutional process becomes fallible when we don’t do our part and vote. Our vote, and our voice, is essential for a democracy to stand. We have the greatest country in the world and the greatest capability, but for our voices to matter and then be heard, we have to first speak at the ballot boxes.

The fact is as citizens of this great country, WE NEED TO VOTE. Apathy has created some very strange and unwanted results over the years, so don't let the bizare happen because you didn't vote.

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